Welcome to our Adventures in Pop Culture. We are, quite obviously, obsessed with pop culture, and we publish personal essays. That means in these pages you’ll find opinion, news and reviews, of course, but also reminiscences and explorations. We want to explore beyond the critique and delve into what pop culture really means to us as contributors and consumers. Everything is subjective; this site is full of bias.

The Adventure started when Lauren was procrastinating and remembering her previous life as a pop culture reviewer. She missed it – like, loads. She invited in her husband and podcast host Chris, and that’s how we got here.

Over time, more will join the adventure. For now, read more about the adventurers below, and click on the links to hear more of their ranty opinions. None of us get paid for this; we’re in it for the glory.

Meet the adventurers

Lauren McMenemy
Managing Editor
Says a good tune is a good tune. Will always argue that Back to the Future is the greatest film ever made. YA is a guilty pleasure.

Image of Chris Hawton, author

Chris Hawton
Obsessed with Doctor Who and his beloved Sutton United Football Club. Co-host of The All-New Adventures of the Doctor Who Book Club Podcast.

Kirsteen Coupar
Die-hard zombie and b-movie fan. Self-confessed geek and science-fiction aficionado.

Writer for work and writer for pleasure. Pop culture junkie. 80s kid/90s teen. If it's spooky or nostalgic, I'm in.

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